15 January 2009

BCPC - Still Life

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This is one of the first photos I took with my new camera. I was getting ready for the beginning of my shift and had laid out all of the things I would be needing to put into my white coat.

As I was about to grab my camera to put on my waistband, I was suddenly inspired to take the shot. I played with the sepia and black & white features on the camera, but I liked this one best. It's been the background on my computer screen from time to time.



Missy said...

Yeah that would make a good desktop background. Very nice photo!



MariesImages said...

Very interesting take on a Still Life! Ü
Thanks for joining in~

Vicki said...

Veronica, Very nice still life...and one that's so relevant to your work life. I like what you did with the color, as well. Nicely done.

Lisa said...

I like this, you did a nice job with it and I like the color as well.

Connie said...

The things aroud us make the best photos.Wonder take on still life.

Connie said...

That was supposed to say wonderful not wonder-I think my computer hicupped,LOL

Anonymous said...

wow.. good