10 September 2010

Moving Day...

...has finally arrived. Thank you to all of you who continue to visit my blog despite the fact I've been posting about once a month. I promise as soon as I get settle in my new home I will start blogging again about the sewing in my life.

It's amazing how much fabric I have accumulated in just a few short months.  I came across several patterns and kits I picked up that I had forgotten about.  I found bags of fat quarters I had bought on visits to local and distant quilt shops that I had forgotten about.  And don't even get me started on the BOM packets that I found scattered around....

I ended up filling a HUGE container (the big plastic ones with the wheels on one end) and another Tuff Stuff container with fabrics.  And, that's not including the sewing machine, sewing notions, rulers, organizers, books, etc.  Wow.  It will be fun finally having a room where I can spread out and get my sewing area properly set up.  But, still, wow.

Thanks for following me on the journey.  In same ways, I feel as though I am just beginning.  So tell me, what's your secret to organizing your sewing room?

02 September 2010

Let's Go to Tape Shall We?

As most of you know, I love taking photos.  I have since I got my first 326 camera when I was about 5.  Recently I made the change to Mac and got a MacBook Pro which came with iMovie.  So, funny story, we were waiting for wind on my weekly summer sailboat racing gig, and one of the larger boats was cruising around playing a song that had something to do with "being on a boat."  

It was a rap song, and I'd never heard it before, but it became a bit of an obsession to find the music.  When I did, I was inspired to play with my iMovie program and see what I could come up with... here's the result, but be forewarned, strong language is implied.... 

20 March 2010

Community Photo Challenge - Windows

Here are my entries for the Community Photo Challenge... 
This month's photo challenge is "WINDOWS"....or "Window". The main focus is "window". You can use your imagination & be creative. You can use the window as a framing tool, but it must have a window in it. You can have one window, or many windows, but remember the focus is on windows.
Starts today & ends April 15th.

Follow the link and check out everyone else's images!


19 February 2010

Community Photo Challenge - Tree

Yeah!  I am back... and I have some photos to share... Here's the link to the challenge and everyone else's pics... Community Photo Challenge

Here's my main tree pic.  I love sunsets.  I captured this image of windswept cypress trees on the Monterey Peninsula earlier this month.  We made the 17 Mile Drive just in time for sunset, and I captured some awesome images.

I have a thing for fallen trees.  Probably because I can finally see the whole tree since I am height-challenged.  This is in the Mt. Rainier National Forest Grove of the Patriarchs.

I love the roots.  I love the texture.  This tree washed up on the shores near Hamburg Beach, just south of Buffalo, NY.

So, go out and hug a tree!  This is a redwood along Highway 101 somewhere north of Trinidad, CA.