19 February 2010

Community Photo Challenge - Tree

Yeah!  I am back... and I have some photos to share... Here's the link to the challenge and everyone else's pics... Community Photo Challenge

Here's my main tree pic.  I love sunsets.  I captured this image of windswept cypress trees on the Monterey Peninsula earlier this month.  We made the 17 Mile Drive just in time for sunset, and I captured some awesome images.

I have a thing for fallen trees.  Probably because I can finally see the whole tree since I am height-challenged.  This is in the Mt. Rainier National Forest Grove of the Patriarchs.

I love the roots.  I love the texture.  This tree washed up on the shores near Hamburg Beach, just south of Buffalo, NY.

So, go out and hug a tree!  This is a redwood along Highway 101 somewhere north of Trinidad, CA.