31 March 2008

The Seventh One - Sofie Turns Five

I liked this page layout for Sofie's birthday page.  The tags were originally down the side, but because of the vertical nature of the multiframe portrait, I opted to put them across the top.  I could have done across the bottom, but its similarity to Winston's page made for more cohesive flow in the scrapbook.

Again, I used the black and white to contrast with the color portrait.  I used "diamond" studs to highlight the tags and some kitty stickers down the middle.  My only complaint is that the "i" in "SOFIE" on the title doesn't stand out more, but that was the biggest 'I' in the rub on set I bought.  Other than that, I think I like it...

"Baby Girl/You know you're cute/And can't help it/You're my lazy kitty/The first to suggest a nap/You're my little shadow/You have to be where I am/Your small paw reaches out/Always making sure I am near/As a kitten you slept encircled by my arms/The last five years surrounded by my love/I hope we share another five/Love-filled, all-encompassing years.  March 2008"

29 March 2008

Community Photo Challenge - Aged


I came across this barn while traveling to a meeting earlier in the month.  I just liked the look of it against the snow, and it reminded me of old photos of winter scenes when I was growing up in sunny Southern California.  I used PSP Photo 2x to give it the aged look.  Enjoy!

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27 March 2008

The Sixth One - Happy Birthday Winston

Ok, so I cheated a little.  I found this book that had layouts already made and a few printed thrills.  So I essentially just needed to cut and paste on my photos and journaling.  But, I think at this point, I am still learning the art of scrapbooking, so a little help is in order.

I liked the color scheme for this one.  Boy Blue.  I wanted the contrast of the black and whites across the top with the color multiburst photo portrait.  There's some new stickers I found and added including a row of feet along the right side.

I'll be working on Sofie's next...

23 March 2008

Photo Challenge - Wearing of the Green - 2nd Place!!


Thank you so much, and thanks for your comments.  I really think about them when preparing for challenges!  Congratulations to everyone, and I can't wait to see the next entries.


19 March 2008

Community Photo Challenge - Wearing of the Green


Wearing of the Green (Beginner)

Nothing much in Buffalo is green at this time of year.  However, I was driving to visit a co-worker and came across this bridge.  I liked the contrast between it and the surroundings, not to mention the interesting pattern of the metal as I went across it.  Enjoy!

16 March 2008

The Fifth One - Little Blue Box

I seem to have a minimalistic style to my scrapbooking.  I was reading a book, and it seems like all of the examples have tons of pictures and frills.  I like the way they look in the books, but I just can't bring myself to add too much without feeling like I am cluttering the page.

This page is for the ring.  I wanted the idea of the box.  It took me a while to settle on this background since I wanted the colors to go well.  I tried a couple of different photos, and then thought I should add one of Jerry & me, but in the long run, I settled for a stamp to fill the empty space.  I even worked on borders, but still thought it was a bit much.  What do you think?  Should I add something more?

"The card was wonderful/ The question inside a surprise/ Then came the Little Blue Box/ I tried to keep my hands from shaking/ As I unwrapped it/ I tried to keep the tears from falling/ As I took out the velvet box/ I held my breath, not knowing what to expect/ And there it was/ The most perfect ring/ I think we both cried at that point/ 14 February 2007"

09 March 2008

The Fourth One - Will You?

Here is the first page of three (or maybe four) that will comprise "the Engagement" portion of the Wedding Scrapbook.  I didn't realize until later that I used a smaller version of the same picture on this one. 

It's funny that I've been in a relationship with the same man over the course of 10 years, and there aren't really a whole lot of photos of the both of us.  Mostly because initially I had the film camera which didn't focus on its own as well as the digital cell phone and camera do, and also we were together so infrequently during the first five years, that we rarely socialized with friends who might take photos of us.

I have a few more pictures and have set a goal to always try to get at least one or two photos of the both of us whenever we do something new.

I used a background with a reddish hue since we got engaged on Valentine's Day and to help with the rust color of the card he gave me.  I was initially going to place the original card, but it was too long for the page, and I wanted the inside (where he actually asks the question) to show.  So I scanned in the two sides and then printed them out. 

I used a  heart cut-out to highlight our "train ticket" for our Valentine's Train Dinner Outing, and then used the cut-out as the background for our photo.  I used a background that had a train and post cards on it to signify both the train and the journey.  I added some ribbon and some bling to try to make things a little fancier.  I still think I have some open space, but I think the placement is overall pleasing... don't you?

Close ups of the cards:
as you can see I blocked out a lot of superfluous information...

07 March 2008

Community Photo Challenge - March Into Spring


March Into Spring!
My Entry:     and the original:

While traveling in Vancouver, we visited the Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island.  Amongst the rows of pure white tulips a single red one appeared.  Just goes to show that Nature can conspire against even the best laid plans.


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04 March 2008

Paint Shop Pro - Fun with Brush Strokes

I have been taking some time to play with Paint Shop Pro (Photo X2 Version) and am really liking the Brush Strokes feature. 


You can see in these two photos how you can change a photo into either a realistic or impressionistic form just by changing the length of the strokes, the number of bristles and the density.

Sofie is my model these days.  I will have to scan in some of my College Days water lilies and see if I can "Monet" them.

02 March 2008

The Third One - Front Page of Wedding Scrapbook

Before going any further, I want to assure you I didn't crank out all three of these in one day.  I actually made the other two about 3 weeks ago.  This one I made today.  I am coming to find, I seem to be a bit minimalistic in my pages.  Maybe it's because I am just starting out and afraid of putting too much in.  Maybe I haven't hit my creative stride yet.  What do you think?

I chose the blue background for its elegance, and coordinated these fun "Once Upon a Time" glitter cardstock.  I printed the date on adhesive vellum I had left over from my wedding programs, and the heart border theme will continue throughout.  I got the bottom heart from a personalized "D's Designs" ( http://journals.aol.com/nightmaremom/Thisandthatandhockey ).

"I promise I will never forget the day we kissed or the day we met.  the sky may fall and the stars may too, but in the end I will still love you."

The Second One - Winston

The original picture of Winston, my male cat, was in color.  I printed out a black and white version that came out with a greenish hue.  Since he's a boy, I thought the blue would be appropriate and added the green to bring out the picture.  I like this "paw prints" punch I found for accents.

""VERY Playful"  That's what the sign on your cage said.  Of course, I didn't see that until I had already signed the adoption papers.  Not that it's made any difference.  You are the "social one."  You are the "greeter."  You are the "playful one."  And, I am so happy you're mine."

"Loveable little ball of fur."

The First One - Sofie

Sofie is my female cat.  She was VERY small when I first got her and very sick.  I like the cardboard feel of the paper since she was a foundling kitten;  the only one of her litter to survive.  She had a lot of health issues for the first six months but is now fat and healthy.

I thought the orange of the paper suited her color and picked the salmon color as a nice blend.  I picked the striped colors since they had the feel of nursery wall-paper.

"You were so very small when I first brought you home.  You almost died.  You spend 2 days in the Kitty ICU and had to wear a bandage for over a week to hide the tiny IV that saved your life.  Luckily, you didn't need it again.  You've since grown up and have turned into a wonderful kitty.  I am glad I found you and saved you.  You are still perfection."

"The smallest feline is a masterpiece."  - Leonardo da Vinci

At the Beginning

Ok, so here we go:

Here's part of my collection of scrapbooking material.

If I have to think of a reason why I started scrapbooking, I am going to blame it on getting married.  I made MANY trips to JoAnn Fabrics and Michael's for supplies for creating my programs, favors, and napkin rings.  While there, I often wandered around, and since I was looking for paper for the programs, I wandered into the scrapbooking area to look for specialty paper.

Unfortunately, for me, both stores were having specials on boxed scrapbooking sets and on all their scrapbooking supplies.  Given that I made a number of trips, each time I would pick up this or that, and I now have the beginnings of my collection.  Once I settle down into a "real house" I am sure I will be adding to it.  Although I love the idea of computer scrapbooking, for now I will stick to the old-fashioned scrapbooks.  I can always vent my aggressions on the cutting board.

As time progresses, I will be working on my wedding scrapbook, along with working on pages for past travel and events since I recently found a box full of photos from the past 10 years.  So, hopefully we both won't be overly deluged with wedding bliss and romance.  Well, ok, maybe just a little.