19 February 2010

Community Photo Challenge - Tree

Yeah!  I am back... and I have some photos to share... Here's the link to the challenge and everyone else's pics... Community Photo Challenge

Here's my main tree pic.  I love sunsets.  I captured this image of windswept cypress trees on the Monterey Peninsula earlier this month.  We made the 17 Mile Drive just in time for sunset, and I captured some awesome images.

I have a thing for fallen trees.  Probably because I can finally see the whole tree since I am height-challenged.  This is in the Mt. Rainier National Forest Grove of the Patriarchs.

I love the roots.  I love the texture.  This tree washed up on the shores near Hamburg Beach, just south of Buffalo, NY.

So, go out and hug a tree!  This is a redwood along Highway 101 somewhere north of Trinidad, CA.


MariesImages said...

Oh Veronica, this is a wonderful tree! Actually you have a nice selection!!! Glad to see you joining in!

J9 said...

The Cypress is amazing!

Jeanie said...

My favourite is the fallen tree Veronica. For the same reasons as yourself.
Jeanie xx

Julie said...

Very nice, I love the shot of you hugging the huge old tree.

Shelle said...

awesome trees...i would love one of these trees in my front yard..love your other pics too.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well done..I liked them all..I like trees! :)

Anonymous said...

yeah I like the first one on yours also. The fallen tress is enteresting. I took a photo of a leaning tree one time lol it just caught my eye

Rjet33 said...

Always nice to see something different and these pics are definitely something different. There sure aren't any trees like that in my neck of the woods! Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing!