18 June 2009

A Little Side Trip

So, I had to attend a class about 30 miles away from work yesterday, and since I was already so far out of my area, I figured I would make a day of it and check out some local quilting shops. I Googled "quilt" on my GPS and up popped several choices. The closest one was still another 20 miles away in the opposite direction but off the road I was already on, so I figured "why not?"

What a find! I ended up at Mt. Pleasant Quilting Company.
The owner Barb has put together a homey, comfortable shopping and class experience at one end of her own home.
One minute I was driving along a long country road, the next I was turning thinking my GPS must be wrong when I spied a home with several women coming out of it carrying bags and packages. Then I saw the small sign.
I walked up the driveway and entered the store finding myself in a warm inviting environment. I was immediately welcomed in and given a brief description of the layout then left to browse at will. I could have spent hours going through this store, but I started to feel a little overwhelmed by all the colors and fabrics and quilting patterns and ideas.

I could go on and on about this store, but moreso I just wanted to share this delightful little find. Although it's over a 90 minute drive for me, I know that I will be back; especially in September for their full weekend "Tent Sale" Celebration that I was told was going to be quite something! By then I should have saved up my pennies and made up for my "impulse buys".... eek! Repeat to self, "No more fabric!"

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