19 April 2009

Community Photo Challenge - The Great Outdoors

Here's my entry for the Community Photo Challenge.

Having just come back from a week in South Florida and a trip through the Everglades, I had a lot of photos to chose from, but I liked this one the best.

It makes me think of the hidden treasures that lie within
the cypress knees and dense foliage.

Of course, beware of alligators!


D said...

love the shot!!! It's magical :) and I loved the ity bity.... LOL

MariesImages said...

IT's beautiful, like a secret garden with fairies....;)
Love the shot!

The Duchess said...

The large cypress knee looks like a giant petrified mushroom! Wow, great shot.

Elisabeth said...

How lush...very nice photograph. There is a touch of mystery in this shot. Thanks for sharing.

Eaglesbrother said...

very nice photograph..now where is the Gator?( Grin)


J9 said...

I love the dappled quality of light in this shot!

Jeanie said...

This was a lovely shot of the Everglades. It was just how I imagined it to be. It looked so inviting and mysterious.
A clever shot Veronica. Well done!

Jeanie xx
p.s. The alligaitor in your Mum's hands is about the biggests these critters should be allowed to grow.
Brave Mum!