12 April 2009

Project #1 - Chrysanthemum, Going in Circles, Part 1

So, soon after I made my first bear, I was talking to one of my colleagues who is an avid sewer and makes a lot of her own clothes. I talked to her about thinking about making a quilt, and she recommended I go to one of her favorite fabric stores, Sew What?

Around that time, I had been reading how something called a "jelly roll" was a good way for beginners to start because there were many patterns and designs that could be made by simple straight stitching. And, jelly rolls provided matching, pre-cut fabrics which could be worked together.

So, one afternoon, I tentatively walked into the store and asked if they had any jelly rolls. "Of course!" said the store clerk and led me into the store corner where the rolls are displayed. I was immediately drawn to this fabric roll which is basically rows of flowers going from yellow to orange to red back to green and then yellow.

I started a simple middle "flower" while playing with a hexagon pattern I found.
As you can see, I was still learning how to sew straight at the time. Then it was just a matter of going around, and around and around. As I kept going, I found out how to keep my lines straight. I worked on not pulling and stretching the fabric. I also learned how I should have thought out the colors a little better, but I think it still has an interesting effect.

I have a few more rows to go before I start thinking about a border and a backing. Then comes the challenge of learning how finish and bind my quilt, and then the fun process of actually quilting the fabric. Will let you know how things progress!

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