01 July 2009

Staying Organized

I am back to working my usual 12 hour shifts this month so I have very little time most days to sew. I did manage to make a few blocks over the weekend, and am working on my fish for the Up a Lazy River Quilt. They look sooo good! Posting soon.

I thought I would take a sec and show how I have my sewing area set up. Living in an apartment is hard on space. Within the next two years I will finally have a house and be able to set up my dedicated craft room. Until then, here's my work corner...
I made a hanging organize
r for my rulers and grids out of some leftover materials so I could keep them out of the way... when I remember to put them away :) I used a desk organizer for my sewing supplies. I can't believe I have almost filled it!
cleaned off a couple of shelves in a book case for my fabrics and books.

I found these great baskets on sale at Target and these letter holders were in Target's dollar area.
I didn't have a use for them until I started sewing. Now when I start cutting my pieces, I just pile them into the boxes to keep them organized, and as I work on one project or the other, I just pull out the letter holder I need. Keeps everything together.

Another thing that I do is put a
Post-it on magazines or books as I start to read through them for the first time. It marks projects I am interested in, or patterns I want to try. I like the look of all the little flags in my growing library... that's a lot of creative sewing just waiting to happen.
I'm able to keep my sewing machine to the side of this work table when I am cutting, and I have an ironing board I dr
op to the level of the table and put at my side when I am doing my piecing.

And, there
it is! I would love to hear how you keep yourself organized?!?!

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