03 July 2009

Project #2 - Block of the Month - Hopscotch, Part 2

I finished another 4 blocks on my Buggy Barn Hopscotch BOM quilt. I even did my first applique. Yes, I know from following some other people's work, like Karen's Baltimore Quilt, that my excitement over placing a simple five-pointed star in the middle of my block really doesn't compare, but as a seriously beginning quilter I was excited.

So, I thought I was almost done and just needed to work on some fillers. Then I read the directions for Block #10 - Goose Tracks... make 36! Uhh.. guess I better start cutting as I will be working on this for a while yet.


Jeanie said...

I liked the Log Cabin. I think it was because it has the Scottish tartan in it and I'm biased about anything Scottish. Being one myself. Lol!
I am intrigued with these Veronica. It looks like a lot of hard work but theraputic too. A hobby where you can switch off and concentrate on the moment in hand.
Well done! Beautiful work. It will be wonderful to see them all united as one big quilt.
You are clever!
Jeanie xxx

Nicole said...

My gosh, that Photobucket slide show is fabulous! I need to figure out how to do that on my blog!