31 March 2008

The Seventh One - Sofie Turns Five

I liked this page layout for Sofie's birthday page.  The tags were originally down the side, but because of the vertical nature of the multiframe portrait, I opted to put them across the top.  I could have done across the bottom, but its similarity to Winston's page made for more cohesive flow in the scrapbook.

Again, I used the black and white to contrast with the color portrait.  I used "diamond" studs to highlight the tags and some kitty stickers down the middle.  My only complaint is that the "i" in "SOFIE" on the title doesn't stand out more, but that was the biggest 'I' in the rub on set I bought.  Other than that, I think I like it...

"Baby Girl/You know you're cute/And can't help it/You're my lazy kitty/The first to suggest a nap/You're my little shadow/You have to be where I am/Your small paw reaches out/Always making sure I am near/As a kitten you slept encircled by my arms/The last five years surrounded by my love/I hope we share another five/Love-filled, all-encompassing years.  March 2008"

1 comment:

lv2trnscrb said...

it came out cute!! you're right about the "I" in her name, but I think you did a great job!!