02 March 2008

The First One - Sofie

Sofie is my female cat.  She was VERY small when I first got her and very sick.  I like the cardboard feel of the paper since she was a foundling kitten;  the only one of her litter to survive.  She had a lot of health issues for the first six months but is now fat and healthy.

I thought the orange of the paper suited her color and picked the salmon color as a nice blend.  I picked the striped colors since they had the feel of nursery wall-paper.

"You were so very small when I first brought you home.  You almost died.  You spend 2 days in the Kitty ICU and had to wear a bandage for over a week to hide the tiny IV that saved your life.  Luckily, you didn't need it again.  You've since grown up and have turned into a wonderful kitty.  I am glad I found you and saved you.  You are still perfection."

"The smallest feline is a masterpiece."  - Leonardo da Vinci

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