09 March 2008

The Fourth One - Will You?

Here is the first page of three (or maybe four) that will comprise "the Engagement" portion of the Wedding Scrapbook.  I didn't realize until later that I used a smaller version of the same picture on this one. 

It's funny that I've been in a relationship with the same man over the course of 10 years, and there aren't really a whole lot of photos of the both of us.  Mostly because initially I had the film camera which didn't focus on its own as well as the digital cell phone and camera do, and also we were together so infrequently during the first five years, that we rarely socialized with friends who might take photos of us.

I have a few more pictures and have set a goal to always try to get at least one or two photos of the both of us whenever we do something new.

I used a background with a reddish hue since we got engaged on Valentine's Day and to help with the rust color of the card he gave me.  I was initially going to place the original card, but it was too long for the page, and I wanted the inside (where he actually asks the question) to show.  So I scanned in the two sides and then printed them out. 

I used a  heart cut-out to highlight our "train ticket" for our Valentine's Train Dinner Outing, and then used the cut-out as the background for our photo.  I used a background that had a train and post cards on it to signify both the train and the journey.  I added some ribbon and some bling to try to make things a little fancier.  I still think I have some open space, but I think the placement is overall pleasing... don't you?

Close ups of the cards:
as you can see I blocked out a lot of superfluous information...

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lv2trnscrb said...

very nice work :)

I follow another journal who recently had an anniversary; she mentioned in her journal, along with picture of she/husband, that a friend of hers had told her when they got married (11 years ago) to try to always take a picture together on their anniversaries.  Since you recently got married, will give you that tip too, as well as other pictures of you two having fun together.  Hopefully you guys will be together for anniversaries, i.e. same town. Is he in the health care business too?