02 March 2008

The Second One - Winston

The original picture of Winston, my male cat, was in color.  I printed out a black and white version that came out with a greenish hue.  Since he's a boy, I thought the blue would be appropriate and added the green to bring out the picture.  I like this "paw prints" punch I found for accents.

""VERY Playful"  That's what the sign on your cage said.  Of course, I didn't see that until I had already signed the adoption papers.  Not that it's made any difference.  You are the "social one."  You are the "greeter."  You are the "playful one."  And, I am so happy you're mine."

"Loveable little ball of fur."

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REGINA said...

i have tried to do scrapbooking, but i am so afraid after i paste it down, i will want to change it. i love the page you created. the blue writing underneath was difficult to read until i highlighted it.